Project Management

Welcome back!

First time here?

This is where we use the project management system.

It’s generally a lot easier than hunting through old emails, plus each project, task or sub-task can have it’s own discussion, keeping us on the same page, literally.

Pretty cool, right?

Alan as an app!

It’s also a lot more efficient than asking me to create yet another Basecamp or Trello account or join yet another Wattsapp group etc. I believe it is also more efficient for you, because everything to do with me is here, in one place. Easy!

OK, now that you’re friends already, login, with the password that I sent you earlier, then click “My Projects” above.

The system is based on WordPress, the ever-popular CMS and blogging platform. As such it has good security and I ensure it is regularly updated.

Note: If you’re on your phone and you’re using a supported browser (e.g. Chrome on Android) then you can download this site to your phone like an app (“Progressive Web App” using SuperPWA). Look for a message at the bottom of the screen. Once downloaded you can find the app icon on your home screen and re-visit any pages super-fast, even when offline.